Facility/Event Request

Please first read our Facility Policy regarding facility usage and associated fees.  Please also be aware of the Church Closing Policy.

Purcellville Baptist Church is open for facilities/event use for PBC Ministries, PBC Members, and Community Organizations.

If you would like to have a wedding or a wedding reception at PBC, the first step is to be approved by the church's Executive Leadership Team to ensure that the wedding complies with the church's biblical view of marriage. Please email here if interested. 

Usage will be based on availability.

Our primary focus in the usage of the building is stewardship.

  • We expect that each group will keep the building clean.  A "no trace left behind" policy.
  • Non-PBC groups and PBC groups over 50 should expect to provide volunteers that will setup/clean-up for their usage.
  • All events must end by 9:30 pm, after which the building will be locked.
  • All events must have a ministry leader or sponsor on site whom is responsible for the persons in the building and the usage of the building.

Currently, we do not have facilities available to music groups or for non-church music usage.

Please complete your Facilities/Event Request by submitting the information below.  You will receive a response by email regarding approval or denial of your request.

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Please try to give us a minimum 4 week notice before the start of the event.  We cannot promise late entries will be approved or coordinated effectively without this lead time.

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We need two time periods given. Please specify the time that you will need the facility, allowing time for setup and cleanup. Then, please provide the actual event time, beginning and ending, as well.
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We may be unable to meet your technical needs based on what is available to us at the time of your request.

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