The question to answer this week:

What relationships does God want me to focus on in 2020?


Focus on Acts 20:20

“I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you publicly and from house to house”

What changes do I need to make to my schedule to focus on developing key relationships in 2020?


Who can I ask to be my Mentor?


Who do I consider to be my Teammates?


Who can I begin to Recruit?

Prayer journey: throughout the week

We want to use our time this week to build a relationship. What one family or person can you get together with this week to fellowship and pray? Maybe it will be someone you would ask to be your Mentor, Teammate or Recruit. Ask God to show you who you or your family should get together with this week.

If you are new and don’t know many people at PBC yet, stop by the table in the lobby or go to purbap.org/relationship to find a list of people opening their homes this week and join them.


Daily prayer thoughts

Every day we will post a very short video to our social media and church app (text “PURBAP APP” to 7797) to help you as you seek the Lord this upcoming week.



This week we are asking everyone to take a media fast! We know you need your phones for work but commit to fast with us from all media from 6pm until 6am everyday this week. That’s right, no favorite TV or Netflix shows as well as any phone apps like Facebook, Snapchat or games. Instead, spend time seeking God about the key relationships in your life. Who is your Mentor, Teammates and Recruit?


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