WEEK 3 : JANUARY 19-25  “Through Us”


The question to answer this week:

How does God want us to adjust in 2020??


Focus on verses Acts 20: 21-22


Testifying both to Jews and Greeks of repentance toward God and of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. And now…I am going…compelled by the Spirit...”

Acts 20:21-22


Who should we reach out to outside our circle of Christian friends?


What must the gospel message include as we share Christ?


What role does the Holy Spirit have in how we share Christ?


What adjustments to routines do we need to make in 2020 to reach the lost?

Prayer journey: Prayer Breakfast, Saturday 9-10:30am at the Purcellville Roller Rink 


Be sure to come out this Saturday morning for our week 3 prayer breakfast!

This week we are getting outside of our comfort zones, church building and homes to seek God’s direction beyond us and through us to the community.

PBC is sponsoring a breakfast and gathering with leaders of Purcellville and neighboring communities to listen to them and to pray for our community. We will be asking town leaders these two questions:

1. What is the greatest challenge facing our community?

2. How can our local church come alongside you to help?

As town leaders share, we will prayerfully listen for God’s vision for 2020. We will close our time with local pastors praying over community leaders.

Daily prayer thoughts

Each Day (Monday-Friday) we will send out a devotional and post a short video to our social media and church app to help you seek the Lord in the coming week.



We are calling you to fast from your regular routine this week to allow you time to reach out to others beyond our church family who live in your town. Have your morning coffee in a public place to meet others (Bring your Bible). Don’t eat your lunch at the usual spot. Intentionally dine with unbelievers. Invite neighbors over for a game night. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.


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