WEEK 1 : JANUARY 5-11  “IN US”


The question to answer this week:

How does God want us to adjust personally in 2020?


Focus on verses 18-19:

“You yourselves know how I lived among you the whole time from the first day that I set foot in Asia, serving the Lord with all humility and with tears and with trials that happened to me through the plots of the Jews”


What areas of his personal life and walk with Jesus does Paul mention in these verses?


What areas of your personal life and walk with Jesus does God want you to adjust in 2020?

Prayer journey: Wednesday, JANUARY 8TH, 6-9pm

Be sure to come back Wednesday evening for our week 1 prayer journey! This is a time designed for you to take as little or as much time as needed to walk through some stations to help you answer the questions on the other side of this card.

The church will be open from 6-9pm Wednesday evening and directions will be clear for you to journey from station to station.

Come by yourself, bring your family, or a couple of friends and seek the Lord about what He wants to do IN YOU this year so you can have 2020 Vision and see as God sees.


Daily prayer thoughts

Every day we will post a very short video to our social media and church app (text “PURBAP APP” to 7797) to help you as you seek the Lord this upcoming week.



We’re calling you to consider fasting from food in some way this week (Monday-Saturday). The goal is to set aside the physical to take up the spiritual this week.


Consider fasting in one of four ways:

  • Total fast – liquids only from tonight through Saturday

  • Judges fast – abstain from food from sun-up to sun-down

  • Daniel fast – avoid certain kinds of foods (alcohol, breads, sweets)

  • Sabbath fast – total fast one day this week

*You may need to consult your doctor before participating.



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