Adventure Zone is for students in 1st-5th grade. 

We are excited to have you here with us today! We look forward to meeting you and giving you a small treat. 


Safety is a high priority for us.  We want our children to be safe while they stay with us.   Our security team is vigilant to keep our children's wing safe and every teacher receives a background check. Each child is required to check-in and receives a sticker with their name and allergies listed.  The parents will also receive a sticker with a number that will allow the parent to pick up the child.  We ask that only parents or adults pick up children.  We will not release children to older siblings (unless they are over 18).  


We place children in groups based on their age as of September of that school year.  Since we follow the same groupings as the public schools, it helps kids build relationships with the same kids that they will eventually go to school with. 


All groups have a snack time where we provide 2 options: Van's gluten free cereal and goldfish.

Gospel Project

(1st - 3rd Grades)


Unit 27 | Unit Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 ESV

Gospel Project presents the gospel in short easy to understand lessons.  There is a scarlet thread woven through each lesson where the children are able to make a Christ connection to what they have studied. Children will travel through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over 3 years.​


                       * Jesus Healed a Woman and Raised a Girl

                              * Jesus Raised Lazarus

                              * Jesus Was Anointed

                              * Jesus Cleansed the Temple

                              * The Last Supper

                              * Jesus Was Arrested

                              * Jesus' Crucifixion

                              * Jesus' Resurrection

                              *The Emmaus Disciples

​Answers in Genesis

(4th and 5th Grades)


Unit Verse: Exodus 20:11 ESV


Answers in Genesis is a 2 year chronological through the Bible curriculum where the students are introduced to apologetics and learn how to use God's Word as their source of Truth.  These lessons have a scarlet thread woven into each lesson that points them back to Jesus.​



           *God's Word is Our Foundation

                                *Studying the Bible

                                *God's Word Guides Us

                                *God Preserves His Word

                                *God's Word is Complete

                                *Don't Change God's Word

                                *How Do I Know God Exists?

                                *What is God Like?

                                *The Trinity

                                *The Seven C's of History

                                *What is the Gospel?




Awana is offered as an optional program for your students to participate in Bible memorization.  The goal is to reach kids for the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Christ. Awana is a station that is opened in between our 2 services and our leaders will be ready to listen to any sections between

10:25-11:10 am.

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