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Worship at home. With others. Intentionally.

PBC Kids Worship

We know many of you have young children, which makes it hard to sit and watch an hour long service. Our Children's directors have created a fun, interactive Kidz service just for them! Turn on this service in another room and sit and watch the regular church service (possibly) without interruptions .

To access this week's video click the arrow beside "PBC kids worship" you will need a password to enter the web page. If you don't already have the password in an email from our Children's Directors, then you can email one of them by clicking the "click here for password" link. 

Kids Worship Service

In Home Service: How is it different than the Online Worship?

We know that for many of you, in person worship in the building is not an option. For various reasons including the lack of preschool, children’s and youth ministries during services, families and people are looking for ways other than in person worship at the building to connect and worship. 

Many families have a “social distancing circle” that is broader than just their family. Maybe your kids have been playing with neighbor kids and you’ve kept your circle tight that way. Or maybe you don’t have kids, but have a “social distancing circle” that includes neighbors or extended family. We want to challenge you to turn those pre-existing relationships into intentional ones. 

Through step 1 it may be easier, or even better, for your family to gather with another family or two that are in your circle, in a home and worship with them. 


What do you have to do?

You pick the time, the people, and the precautions. 


Here’s how we will help:

1. We will send you our online worship services that you can watch live or at any time.

2. We will help you with invites and connect with you weekly to pray with and for your group.

3. We will resource you with children’s materials that will keep any kids you have in your group engaged. 

If you can’t come here, how can you reach people there? 
Email us at if you want to host one of these groups!

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