In Person Worship

9am & 10:30am on Sunday.

Seating and Capacity


Seating – we have removed every other row and an usher will help you find a set of chairs that matches your family’s size. Sit with who you live with.

Cleaning and Hygiene


We contract a professional cleaning company to clean our facility. They are redoubling their efforts to ensure cleanliness, sanitizing all touched areas, and extra cleaning between services. 

Hand sanitizer – provided, but please bring your own, and we’d love if you can share some with us!

Masks – in compliance with recent regulations, face masks will be required, except for those with medical reasons or children under 10, for any of our indoor worship services. We have some available if you need one and our volunteers will be wearing them as they welcome and serve you!


Water fountains – turned off but we have bottled water for everyone.

Bathrooms – all doors wide open, but always best to go at home before you come. 

No-Touch Environment


All doors will be open in the church and when you arrive our greeters will greet you with smiles, waves, and air high fives. We’ll hold off on handshakes, hugs, and the like for now. 

After the service, we encourage you to mingle in the parking lot if you desire, but to clear the lobby so that social distancing is easier.

Coffee and snacks – for the time being these will not be available, but we will have bottled water and a huge party with lots of food when this is behind us.

Notes and prayer requests – cards and pens will not be available, but we will have digital options to replace them. Text “PURBAP APP” to 77977 to download our app.

Communion – as you come in the front door you will find prepackaged communion spaced out on tables for you to pick up for each person in your family.

Baptism – we will still offer through appointment. Please email us at to schedule. 

Offering – we encourage you to use our app and online giving, but we will continue to use our no-touch, drop in boxes as you leave our services.

Prayer – our pastors will offer prayer after the service with appropriate precautions.