Bolivia Day 4 (and more!)

Hello from the Bolivian team,                                                                  7/21/2019

        Our day started out with a devotion done by Christian Dillon, about reaching out to others when it comes to biblical knowledge, and making sure God’s word aligns with the bible.

After breakfast we went to a village called Coriuma 2 which is north of Cochabamba. That church provided local dental and medical doctors, as well as someone cutting people’s hair for free. Some of these people have not seen medical or dental doctors in a really long time. PBC provided assistance to the medical teams and helped around the whole church. We evangelised  and shared the gospel with many people, with the help of several interpreters. According the numbers as an estimated 32 people came to the acceptance of Jesus, at least 260 people were served food and they got to do crafts. Each one of the villagers got a brand new T shirt that they designed and decorated to take home. Most of the people have never owned a new shirt, only ever have received used shirts. It was a long and eventful day but we were blessed in so many ways. We all went out to eat for dinner around 7:30 at an amazing steak house. We all laughed and reminisced about how our day went. When we got home we had another devotional done by Karen Dillon. It was about understanding the unconditional love that only Jesus can give you when the world can’t possibly compare too. As we get ready to go to bed, we thank God that we were called out to Bolivia to serve the wonderful kids and adults here.



It is our fifth day in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and we are continuing to feel attacked with physical obstacles.Two of the Holman girls came down sick, but fortunately,Bob was much better today and fought through his weakened body, insisting he could work in the brick laying for the church.

The team has been so loving and supportive of our struggles.Their prayers over Bob and me have given us such strength and determination despite the challenges of living at 8500 feet above sea level.  

The Lord has blessed our day today with fruitful labor as well as we strive to build the walls of Cornerstone Church in Coriuma. The Quechua people are so gracious and grateful for everything we do. They work side by side with us appraising and encouraging our work.

Last night the Holmans celebrated their 35th anniversary.  These dedicated missionaries chose to spend the night treating 23 of us to dinner at a fabulous  steakhouse La Estancia for dinner.

Well, despite the trials we have faced, God continues to show us His unconditional love. We hear Him speak to us daily through the devotions we share with each other. We see Him through the soulful eyes of the children who hang onto our knees and in our arms, and in the desperate faces of their teenage mothers.We experience Him in the extensive and humble appreciation the Quechua people express.  These people have so little, and yet they come to Christ for the message of salvation that Joe Holman and his wife Denise have dedicated their lives to bring them.




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