Bolivia Day 7

Wow! It was another AWESOME day for Team Bolivia. The morning started off with rain and we were a little worried we would have to come up with a plan B. We decided to go to the worksite and pray that the rain stopped. When we got to the site, the sun was out and it was perfect weather for building a church.  Thank you God! We got to work laying brick and, after 3 days, we are pretty much experts now :)  Six hours later a celebration ensued when we were able to say “WE’RE DONE!” Our team, working together with the pastor and some other members of the church, completed 10 walls in 3 days. We gathered together with our Bolivian brothers and sisters for hugs and thank you’s and held hands as we prayed for the church. We presented him with additional money to use for supplies and labor to continue to build the church. The pastor and his wife were so grateful for our help and reminded us that this church would be a blessing to the community for generations to come.

     We are tired, sore and covered with dried cement but none of us would trade these last few days for anything. We are being blessed WAY more than any of the people we are serving. Since we finished early, Joe has contacted another missionary that has a home for orphans.  Tomorrow we will be getting their new home ready for them to move in by painting, cleaning and repairs. We will meet some of the kids and share love, hugs and “goodie bags” with them. Please continue to pray for our team’s health and strength and for all the work God is doing in the lives of our Bolivian friends.




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