Bolivia - Wednesday July 12th


We had a plan, God had a purpose! Today we had planned to do a VBS event in the morning at Mt Zion Church with about 300 kids who come there for Compassion Care. Late last night Joe was informed that all the bridges across the river to that side of town would be closed today by a major blockade protest. (This apparently happens quite often here in Bolivia, as one group after another feels they are being slighted by the government and wants to get attention.)

On short notice, Joe made some phone calls, and arranged for us to visit two orphanages that were within walking distance of the guest house. What a surprise God had for us.

The first one, part of the Hope Foundation, was a new home for 9 boys and girls ages 3-13. These children had been at Sunshine House, which we visited last year, but it was forced to close a week ago, and TJ of Hope Foundation quickly set up this new home. These precious children are well taken care of by a team of 8 women. Several are not considered adoptable because of birth defects, some as minor as “cleft palate”.

First, we loved on these kids with warm hugs and greetings, and then helped them decorate the new brightly colored T-shirts we brought. Together we laughed and played games with our balls and parachute, then brought out our bubble blowers that delighted the children immensely. Finally, we gave each child a draw string bag which we filled with toothbrushes/toothpaste, soap, pencils, pencil sharpeners, crayons, and of course lots of candy. In short, we gave them as much love as we could while we were there. Before we left we had a special time of prayer with the children and the workers who care for them.

In return, they had even colored/decorated large “thank you” notes for each of us which meant so much to us, but our real thanks was the joy, smiles, and hugs they lavished upon us. Our hearts were moved in love and caring for each young life we met.

On our way to the next orphanage, we were treated to a traditional, invented in Cochabamba lunch of “Rellennos”, which were delicious. We got to see the church Joe pastor’s, and then we headed to “Daughters of the King”. Here we repeated most of our morning activities with 8 girls ages 3-16. The leader, Marisol, from Missouri, has been here with her husband for 7 years. She had worked in several homes, the last of which decided to close 8 months ago. She couldn’t bear to see the girls put back in the public system, so she formed a foundation, found a home, and went through the arduous process of getting government approval. Despite the governments many obstacles, and a surprise two week early “final” inspection, she was approved. The place has a very welcoming, family feel, and the girls are getting excellent care.

Once again, the joy and laughter of the girls was such a blessing to us. We came to share the Love of Jesus, and yet we received so much more love in return.

Tonight in our team discussion, we reflected on how in Christ, we have all been adopted into God’s family, our now HIS precious sons and daughters, and can call out to him as our “Abba” or “PAPA”. Pray with us that these children will also choose Christ and know His Love, AND that our ABBA will send Bolivian Christian parents to adopt them. (It is a four year in country process for anyone from the USA to adopt in Bolivia.)

We continue to be blessed with good health, thanks to your prayers and God’s grace.

We look forward to each day expecting new revelations of God’s goodness and His purposes for us here. All of us send our love and prayers for you as well. Today our devotional was on “Thankfulness”, and we all agreed that we were very grateful for the love, support, and prayers of all of you there in the US.

For all the team.

Mark Wichern




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