Bolivia Day 2

Day2!  The team met early for devotion.  I gave the devotion and cried my old eyes out.  It was in contrast to the wonderfully funny time that we had the night before.  We rehearsed the story “You Are Special” that we are dramatizing for the children.  As the story is read in Spanish several of the team act out the story.  Watching Mark dance across the floor; Chris tossing her hair as the perfectly beautiful girl in the story or Jacob and Mercy wearing balloon noses; we laughed and laughed at ourselves.  Led by Eileen’s dry humor each portrayal became funnier until we had to stop and all laugh together.  It was a moment that we needed.  After devotion, the Holman’s provided another delicious breakfast.  Made better by the growing bonding between the members of the team. The Team then prepared for our FIRST VBS!  The games and crafts had to be organized and loaded on the bus.  A long bumpy ride to the poorest section of Cochabamba on the Southside near the airport followed.  As we disembarked we were mobbed by young children wanting to hug us.  We set up our crafts and games.  The team finished the day with our dramatized story and gave each child a package of food to take home.  It was a total success for us.  We held their hands.  We hugged them.  Some like Josh had 2 little girls become his inseparable companions for the day.  Personally, I worked the craft station.  The children made crowns and loved them.  They were so proud of their finished products.  As each group of the over 250 children arrived at our station life was frenetic for several minutes,  But when it calmed, I would sit with what I thought was the most vulnerable group and color crowns with them.  Many were very creative and it made you realize that if given the chance they could be engineers or scientists.  The young girls were so pretty.  Their hair was often in a pigtail and they had small ear rings.  They were very polite and my heart went out to them.  I did not know specifics but was fairly sure life would be difficult for them.  It made me realize the importance of our Team.  We are providing them with short term happiness in the activities and the food.  We are also giving them the opportunity to hear about Christ their savior.  It is a little confusing to me because they were blessed today by our efforts and we were blessed by doing it.  The entire Team grows closer.  We are excited about our next few days.  The Holman children are amazing.  If all kids will turn out this way living in a Christian home removed from much of our modern technology, send them all to Bolivia I say.  Someone else will carry on the narrative tomorrow.  It has been an honor to write this blog.  We need your prays!




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