To be honest, this has been a long, hard day. So many things were not going as I had planned and I was feeling rushed and unprepared for this trip and for leaving my family behind. Then our transportation to the airport cancelled, which I totally understood for safety reasons, but here is where the scramble began....

Should we get hotel rooms and stay there tonight? Booked those, but wait, no we can't get shuttle service until 6am, just when our flight leaves.

So we rented a 15 passenger van and a cargo van.

Should we just go to the airport and stay there overnight? Yes, sent emails and had all on board.

But then the flight was cancelled.... Deep breath....

Have I told you that I am one of the crazy snow loving people? However, I have been praying against this huge, double-digit producing snow for days, but still trusting that God will provide a way to get all 29 (both teams from PBC and CHS) of us to Haiti.

American Airlines and Fellowship Travel have been wonderful in trying their very best to accommodate all of us and they have succeeded! We are all flying out Thursday at 6AM - from Charlotte, NC!

God is good, all the time!

God has been showing me about choosing Joy lately. This has been a great day to choose joy and be thankful for how God has provided. No sense in worrying about things you cannot control. God is in complete control of this trip and every detail of it.

Pray for us as we travel by vans tomorrow to Charlotte, then fly out early Thursday morning.

"Let us go into the presence of God with sincere hearts, fully trusting in Him." Hebrews 10:22

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