Maine - Monday, July 24th

Hi everyone.

Our second full day in Maine and it feels like we’ve been here a week. Before I write about anything going on here, I first have to say hello to my Sweet and my dearest children. Hi Sweet, Audrey, Joe, Gabrielle, Elena, Rachel, Lydia and Nathan (and Madeline, if you are online from BrusselsJ.) Missing you and I’ll be home before you know it. Hope you are having fun and making sure Piggy is well fed (and Jubie, and yes, even Kitty).

Well, it’s my first time here, and my first impression both at Wytopitlock Baptist and here at the R Cabin Outfitters - our lodging, is that we are welcomed and embraced like family (I even came to find out that our host at the cabin - Vann and his son Vann - are from Rhode Island, and have a family cottage at Carpenters beach in Matunuck Beach, RI where my mom lives part time.) Spending time with our family from PBC and extended family here in Wytopitlock is the highlight so far. Tim Foster will not rest until we see a moose (and if we are able, ride the moose and bring him back on the plane.) Working alongside Ron Embry helping to install lighting, on demand hot water system, and soon to wire the new pellet boilers for heat in the long and cold winters – his work ethic, skill and heart remind me of my father-in law who also ran and electrical business. Meeting and working alongside Steve and Sharon Waite and seeing their love for their church family and town family is inspiring.

There seems to be a running theme of things not going as planned, usually because God had a better plan, or was more interested in us building relationships which include asking others for help rather than being self-sufficient. Two vehicles (God’s plan) instead of one van (our initial plan) has allowed us to send more folks out to different places to gather kids for VBS or deliver meals, and to deal with logistics of carting our team around. And gaps in tools and supplies never seems to last long. Just today alone I was amazed at the number of times Doug, who lives across the street from the church, walked back to his house to get something we needed. And Jeffy going out to various neighbors looking for PVC parts for the water heater installation on Sunday afternoon so there could be hot water for VBC on Monday AM. It all seems to come together.

VBS started this morning and it was great to see the kids and volunteers and residents participating and being immersed in lessons, songs, games and activities to help them to understand how much God loves them. Please pray for God’s blessing and increase to come from what is being planted in their hearts.

There is much work still to be done, and most of our week still ahead of us, so please continue to pray for us, that we will remain safe, healthy, strengthened by our Father, and that our hearts will continue to grow in love for God and each other, for our family and friends here in Wytopitlock.

Blessing and God’s Peace to you and a virtual hug to my family at home.

Love you!




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