Maine, Thursday July 27th

Today was a GO day!

This was the day that all the projects were pushing to get to a close. It was the day after a huge turnout at our sing-along that had the town excited, blessed and a new fire burning in the church body. It was also the GO day in Bible time where the plan of salvation was clearly presented.

The electric work that Ron Embrey and Jeff Chamberlain have been working on is nearly complete! When we first arrived, they got working immediately to install the instant hot water heater. The church has done without hot water for a long time. They have been working tirelessly to replace the old light fixtures with new electronic light fixtures and then put in new bulbs; ran electric to the church sign and installed lights, but first Jon Libby and Brian McMullen dug a 75 ft. trench in very rocky terrain to run the line; ran a circuit to each of the 2 new boilers and added 4 new lights to the furnace room; also ran a circuit to the new conveyor for the furnace; and then rewired the used motor for the conveyor. After working at the church they Thursday, July 27th

went over to Johnny Irish’s house to run a new light fixture for his house. They have worked non-stop!

Brian McMullen has been cooking up a storm for the community meals at lunch as well as the team dinners. Debbie Marshall, Judy McDonough and myself have been working alongside and enjoying serving the community. Debbie and Judy have taken meals out into the community to those who need them. Every day the community lunches have increased in number and we are truly enjoying our time and fellowship with this community of believers and the many who have never set foot in the church, but are willing to come to a meal.

One of my favorite parts of the week was last night just before the community concert, I walked up to a car of a family that 2 of the 3 children were in my VBS group. The father of these children is one of the people who has never set foot into the church. The 2 boys had already gone into church, but the little girl, Heather, was sitting in the back seat. I went over and asked if she was coming inside. Heather is very shy and said she didn’t think so. I told her she had to because all the kids from VBS were going to sing in the concert and her dad needed to come and hear her too! I asked the dad to please come in and hear his kids sing (possibly a few times) and he agreed and came into the church and sat through what was a very loosely planned event of 1 hour, but turned out to be a God ordained plan of salvation through song! Seeds have been planted in this family!

Russ Cox has diligently worked to install the 2 furnaces and design the hopper for the pellets. Ethan and Paul Cushman from Wytopitlock have worked alongside to get this massive project accomplished. The church has been heating the church with cord wood and Sharon Waite has been mostly loading that up with 10-12 cords per season. This wood boiler was falling apart and needed to be removed as well as the old oil boiler that hadn’t worked in a while. Some of the men in the community who have been working with our team are Jeff and Jeffy, Doug, Peter Tidd (Debbie’s Dad), Seth and Ron.

Jon Libby, Larry Foster, Peter Marshall, and Andrew Clark have been working on a concrete project at Pastor Waite’s house, and oversaw the major project of filling holes and staining Johnny Irish’s house as well as taking down a shed and cleaning up the yard.

Jon Libby and Terry (from Wytopitlock – who has been working tirelessly alongside our team on all the projects!) also got on the boom lift to finish some painting and knock down a huge hornets nest

The young people, Tim Foster, Joseph McDonough, Stephanie McMullen, Ben Testa, David Ruckman all worked at VBS with Judy McDonough and myself, along with the Wytopitlock church team. What a blessing it has been to work with these precious children! Then young people all jump onto whatever projects are going on after VBS, and they have all done so without any complaining, but more importantly, they have done so with joy!

Probably the most exciting thing to me about this day was the Bible time where the previous stories were laid out to bring us to today’s challenge to accept the Lord as savior. I had the great privilege to lead Natalie in prayer to accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior! I was surprised when I asked how many children had their own Bible and almost no one did. We had already brought Bibles for all the younger children and ordered Teen Study Bibles for all the teens that should arrive tomorrow (Thanks Amazon!)

We apologize for the lack of communication, but the internet is mostly non-existent and the lodge where we are staying has certain windows of time for good service, but we often miss it by the time we return around 8:30pm and then have devotions and then take the time to write the blog.

We are all well, having a great time together as a team as well as with this lovely community. We love you and are so very thankful for each of you who love us, are praying for us and we will see you all soon!

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