Romania day 1

July 17th-19th

Hey friends! We've gotten settled in and are excited to log our first blog update for you.

Our trip over was largely uneventful save for the rollercoaster ride of turbulence for a few hours. The redeeming factor in that is that our entire team is reporting a closer relationship with the Lord as a result of the amount of prayer offered during that time!

We made the short drive to the Agape Hotel in Cluj, which is charming to say the least. Snores were reported before heads hit pillows. Our favorite quote from the first day was, "I've always wanted to be incarcerated!" They said that last word was an accidental substitute for another. I'll leave you determine that and to wonder if it was your friend or family member who said it. Needless to say they are being watched closely for any illegal activity. Breakfast with custom made lattes and coffee waited in the morning. Joy inexpressible is the only way to describe how good everyone felt after a night of sleep! We enjoyed a walking guided tour of this beautiful city and lunch at our hotel. This afternoon we went to a salt mine nearby. I'm not sure what we expected, but we were blown away. The hard work, ingenuity, and beauty were incredible. The excavation of salt leaves behind cavernous chambers that echo upwards of 20 times...this was all too tempting for the ever-singing worship leader we brought! He treated us all to echoed versions of "Good Good Father" and "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever." I think our team would say that their favorite time of the day was the all-team meeting we had this morning after breakfast. There's something about praying and worshipping with brothers and sisters we've never met, yet exalting the same God. It sounded and felt like Heaven.

Tomorrow we will visit a gypsy camp and travel to our camp location.

Everyone is well and excited about all that God is preparing us for.

Pray for us as we continue to plan, gel as a team, and adjust to the time difference.

In His grip,

The Romania 2019 team

ps. Did we mention that it is 75 with low humidity here?




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