Romania Day 3!


Today was about preparing our hearts AND our heads for the week ahead.

This morning we got up and had another incredible meal provided by the chef who is cooking meals this week and then had our own leadership church service with communion. It was a special time of preparing our hearts for all that God wants to do this week. We don’t want to just prepare our heads for the schedule, activities, and lessons. With our hearts clear and undivided, we’re praying that the work God desires to do through us will be able to flow freely without impediment.

Then we met together as teaching teams to prepare our heads for the English we’ll teach. Much of the final details got ironed out and we are ready to rock and roll for tomorrow.

This evening we wrapped up our day by heading back into town for a worship service at the church where our host, Pica goes. We got to participate by leading in worship and preaching. It was the quickest 2 1/2 hour service we’ve ever been to (planning to bring this back to the states and implement at PBC shortly😁). We had a blast worshiping the same God in multiple languages. Their worship team jumped on stage with Taylor at one point and everyone worshipped in unison as loud as I’ve ever heard...it was Heaven.

It was the best cap for the day.

Pray for us:

-Tomorrow is the big day! All the campers get here in the morning and we hit the ground running.

-Pray for continued good health and team unity.

-To form quick connections with the Romanians coming to camp.

With heads and hearts ready,

The 2019 Romania Team

ps. The photo on this post is a view of the location of our camp from the top of the hill. Notice the buildings in the middle right, the horse drawn cart in the bottom right, and the beautiful rolling hills. Gorgeous!




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