Romania Day 4


They’re here!

All of the campers arrived in waves today and we hit the ground running. The day was full of lessons, games, fun, and laughter.

We didn’t realize that in all that busyness and quick changes what would happen most rapidly...friendships and going deep. There are some people it takes time to get to that level with but with others it seems a moment is ordained. Today it was obvious that God ordained this camp.

We heard stories of people who only committed to come 2 days ago but that they were certain God wanted them here. Others came with their devices and phones only to find they couldn’t get reception. One guy said, “I need this. I need to hear from God and not be distracted.”

We talked about the Bible today and why you can trust it. It is the foundation for what we will teach this week. We met with our teaching teams for the first time as well. The afternoon included the most intense games of soccer and volleyball. But perhaps the best part of the day was what capped the evening: We gathered to worship again after dinner

and heard 3 testimonies that drew everyone closer to the Lord. At the end the campers asked if we could keep worshipping...on the first night!!

Pray for us:

-tomorrow we talk about how we can be sure God exists.

-we can tell that this week and schedule will be physically taxing. Pray for rest and for us to take care of our bodies.

-pray for openness to the Gospel.

Ready for tomorrow,

The 2019 Romania Team




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