The Holy Lands- Day 1

Here is our first stop yesterday: Caesarea where Paul was in prison for two years and preached the gospel to King He shared his testimony with Agrippa here. Cornelius also lived here. Peter preached the gospel to Cornelius in Caesarea.

Next stop: Herod’s aqueduct carried water six mile from Mt Carmel to Caesarea. No machines, just perfectly sloped

We went to the very cliff outside the city of Nazareth where Jesus’ own hometown people tried to hurl Him off because they were “too familiar” with Jesus and too prejudiced to think the Messiah would come to save Gentiles. May I never become “too familiar” with Jesus and take Him for granted. May I look at every people group that isn’t my own and want Jesus to save them.

Then to the top of Carmel. We could see all the land. Green today. Barren in Elijah’s day after years of drought. We read 1 Kings 18. I wish we could have sung “Days of Elijah.” The Muslims call it “The Burning.” May God’s fire fall on us!

We then went to Megiddo: Armageddon. One of four fortress cities during the time of the kings. Strategic location on trade route from Egypt to Assyria and Babylon. Conquered 25 times throughout history! Will be the place of the final battle in Revelation 16. But walls will do you no good if there is no water source. There is a very deep cistern to provide water during a siege. It was camouflaged at its opening outside the walls so the enemy could never find it. In any battle against the enemy we need a constant supply of living water through the Holy Spirit.

Our last stop was the Nazareth Village. A replica of first century life for Jesus in Nazareth and run by Christians. The meaning of Nazareth is “new shoot” Isaiah prophesied “From Jesse a tender (new) shoot will come.” He was talking about Messiah. Perhaps that what Matthew meant when he said the prophets said of Jesus, “He shall be called a Nazarene.” Jesus would be called a tender shoot.

It’s a lot for one day!

I can’t wait till tomorrow!

-Pastor David Janney



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