Zambia day 4

As of today, we decided as a group that after one person on the team does their devotional, they get to write the blog post that evening. So with that being said, I, Karis, get to share with everyone how the trip has been so far.

I think I should start with WOW. After long, nauseating flights, and jet lag hitting everyone like a freight train, we have finally made it and established the basics of the playground.

Of course, it’s not really about the playground or the flight taken down here, it’s the story of how we can be God’s vessels to show His love to others around the world. The next 5 days we get to show the people here in Chongwe and Lusaka what it’s really like knowing the Father’s love for us.

Even on the second day I’ve seen the incredible devotion the teenagers and adults have to the Lord. Their songs are powerful (even though we can’t understand them), and the language barrier (even though it’s small), seems to have nothing on the love that is shared between our team and the people.

Just today (April 14), has been wild for the team. Most of us experienced Sunday worship in Word of Life Church in Chongwe . The pastors were incredible and the thing that spoke out most to me was “it’s not talking to God, it’s talking WITH God”. A simple phrase, but is convicting in its own ways. As Christians, we need to be able to feel like there’s not a barrier between the Father and us.

While most of the team was at church, Kayleigh, Gary, and Mr. Alan went to Deliverance Church in Chongwe to deliver some of the food that PBC had packaged back in November. Kayleigh got some amazing shots (as usual), and the children were overjoyed by the food brought to them (2 for each kid). Hearing the stories once Gary, Alan, and Kayleigh came back was encouraging and humbling considering how much we really take for granted in the states.

After service, we relaxed, ate lunch, and continued on the playground. Today we got one base, and entire roof (the team was most proud of that), and a fire pole attached to the bases along with stairs, and anything else we could manage. I kindly sat on the sidelines and took photos because when God made me, He did not make me to do hardcore physical labor😂. Most of the time, the entire team (minus Kayleigh and me- we just take photos) works incredibly hard in the baking sun, and we play with the kids. Already I can tell we are all falling in love with the kids and the teens. They’re incredible and diligent in what they do. Most of the teenage guys helped with the playground today which was so vital for us putting together almost everything.

One of the craziest stories so far was that we didn’t have a ladder, and the team needed extra support to put the third part of the roof on, so they found old tires, and stacked maybe 6 on each side, and put a metal base (used as a “level” for the playground) on top and two guys stood on that. There were many times the tire team thought the roof would fall on the heads supporting them, but in the end, we have the best team to tackle such a hard job.

As of now, we are heading back to the hotel in Lusaka on a bumpy road with our designated driver, Timothy (he’s actually the best). The team will have a WELL deserved shower, dinner (I heard ice cream as well?), and probably play some card games.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Prayer is probably the biggest request right now as we try to finish the rest of the playground. I know the team is exhausted and probably want to give up, but encouragement through prayer would be incredible. Talk to you all soon!

-Karis Fletcher and the Zambia Team

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