Zambia day 6

Even though I told everyone that different people would be writing the blog on different days, that’s no longer true anymore. I,Karis, am writing for you again about Day 6.

As the day started, everyone was exhausted from yesterday. It seems as though every morning on our 80 minute commute, we all nap before we have to endure hours of labor.

The sun seemed to burn us alive turning us red with little time (no joke I applied sunscreen about 5 times yesterday). We had checked the weather apps seeing that a possible storm was coming later in the day. So from 9:30-1:30 we baked in the sun sweating everywhere. Once lunch was made, the storm clouds had finally rolled in and the temperature dropped immensely. Along with the AMAZING food in our bellies, we were ready to keep working in the shade. The clouds were honestly a God moment because we were able to crank out so many of the projects for the rest of the 2.5 hours. Em and Caroline worked on building the stairs to the main entrance, and the guys and Mr. Alan worked on the two HUGE slides, while Mr. and Mrs. Garman worked on the third slide. Once almost everything was done, Alex our expert builder, and some other guys along with Ben and Brad , worked on building some of the last platforms. This was some of the fastest work we have done and it was all in God’s strength.

I can’t tell you what a big help the teenagers have been on building the playground. Everyday, they’re out there with us working for 6+ hours never taking a break or getting water. The next day we always bring them Fanta orange soda, and they show us respect for the gift. To be honest though, the team wishes we could offer these kids more. There’s so much they do for us out of the kindness of their hearts, yet THEY thank, appreciate, and respect us. Those little moments create humble memories that will stick with me for eternity.

Along with all the building today, at lunch, some of us sat with the Mamas. The Mamas are the mothers who raise the orphans on the compound. Just speaking to these women breaks my heart, but also helps me see how strong and beautiful these women are. Everyday we’re here, we’re constantly reminded of how lucky we are to live in the States (let alone a great area of the States), and how much we take for granted. These women have lost their husbands or divorced, yet they still pursue living a life for these kids. I don’t know of many who can pick themselves up after such a hard thing like that and move on.

As wonderful as the Mamas are, the children are just as incredible. Whether they’re older or younger, they make the work so much better. I can’t even say we’ve done one project on our own because they’ve all helped with everything. Even the little kids help by making us smile when we need a break, or helping us organize bolts, washers, and screws.

Even though it’s only Day 5 and all of us are tired, we are so happy to see the progress that has been achieved today. There’s a greater sense of pride within us because we are almost to the finish line. We think there is only a couple days left of everything, and I think we are THRILLED to hear the news. This was all in God’s hands and we couldn’t be more thankful for such an exciting journey as this one.

I guess that completes the biggest part of our day today as we are now in our bus on the way home to shower, eat, and sleep. Blessings beyond blessings today and I couldn’t be more thankful. If you could pray for the rest of construction to go on schedule, and for the strength to be within us, that would be incredible.

Blessings from Chongwe and Lusaka!




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