Zambia Day 7

Blog by Emily

Day 7 was unlike any other. From the time I woke up this morning, I was tired and rather unmotivated. As incredible as the week has been, the feeling of exhaustion was overpowering, a small but effective method Satan has used against me at times this week that can only be overcome with the strength of the Lord. After stepping outside and feeling the cool air and seeing the overcast sky, it was obvious that heat exhaustion would not be an issue today.

Upon arriving at My Father’s House in Chongwe, there was a chill in the air, an unusual sensation in Zambia. It wasn’t until the rain began that the ground we were digging seemed harder and the poles we were lifting seemed heavier. Caroline and I continually thanked God for the rain, but asked him to take it away; however, the weather persisted and even worsened. By lunchtime everyone was thoroughly soaked and shivering. The Mamas were kind enough to cook a delicious meal to refuel us and burn some coals for warmth.

Adding on layers and shooting up prayers, a few of us left the comfort of the house to brave the pounding rain. It was then that we had some of the best laughs of the trip! I felt as if my strength and mentality had been renewed by the Lord for the afternoon of work ahead. We found humor there in the muck and made great progress.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the team stayed in the house, talking to the Mamas and playing with the children, a major aspect of our purpose here as well. The Mamas enjoy feeling appreciated and the children soak up all the smiles and love we try to give.

Later in the day, the skies cleared and the typical Zambian warmth returned, along with the rest of the team. We were so thankful for the change in the weather, and we ended up getting a lot done! The monkey bars went up, the swings were hung, and trenches were dug around all of the holes for possible additional rainstorms in the near future. Please pray that the water will be successfully diverted and we can begin filling the holes with cement tomorrow! The cement is the equivalent of the finish line, so I could not be more grateful to say those words!

We now sit on the bus, caked in mud and wearing damp clothes, but content with a job well done and hopeful for a delicious dinner. In conclusion, it was a productive day with many unforeseen circumstances, but God’s grace and strength allowed us to see the beauty in them. The spiritual blessings and emotional uplifting is unreal here, and I cannot express how thankful I am to have been given the privilege to experience it all. Thank you Jesus! We ask for your continued prayers for strength and safety as we hopefully complete construction of the playground tomorrow and in the following days.

Have a blessed week!





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