Sending Agency:

Life Raft International


email: Chris@liferaftinternational.org

email: Chris@liferaftinternational.org

email: Jade@liferaftinternational.org



37531 Curle Ln.

Purcellville, VA 20132


Mission:  To feed, shelter, and protect people who have escaped persecution in their home countries only to face it anew in the country where they hoped to find refuge by connecting those facing persecution with the people who want to help them.


-For so many dreams that have come true in Bangkok! (check out our newsletters)

-That our Bangkok team is strong enough that we have space to take a break. 

-That churches across Bangkok are working to help free children from detention.
-For friends who are making space for us to rest in the US.


Prayer Requests:

-Freedom for refugee children, and unification of refugee families in detention
-For us to find refreshment in the US.
-For us to see God’s plan for Life Raft’s next steps



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