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Woven is a Family Advocacy Ministry, equipping our church to help children find permanency in a loving and safe family. Our ministry supports vulnerable children and the families caring for them in various practical and relational capacities, with the goal of showing the love of Christ to our community through the church family.  

Young Family

Our History

Jaoni Wood

My husband Gabe and I jumped into foster care in 2013, having no real idea what we were doing. Very soon we knew that we needed support from our church, family and friends, who mostly knew even less than we did about meeting the need of vulnerable children and working through the foster care system. As years have passed and we have fostered children of all ages, and adopted two of them, God connected me with other people who have the same passion we do to help children and support the families that are caring them, while educating those in the church about the needs in our community, and creating opportunities to serve.  

John Gladhill

Having adopted internationally twice, I was looking for a way to build community among the foster and adoptive families in our church, so parents could support one another, and our children would have friends with similar experiences. We started by gathering for meals and fellowship.  These simple get-togethers grew quickly, with people and families bringing their ideas regarding how we could all reach out to help children in need of a loving family as our Father commanded us to do.  The Woven Ministry officially kicked off during the PBC Christmas Concert of 2015 and continues to grow with God opening new doors everyday. 

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"One boy needed a family. Another boy was praying for a brother. God answered their prayers, and a Woven adoption grant helped make it happen! "

Quick Family

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"For a school project, our foster son drew a picture of a magic house. It was our house. This week marks 5 years that we have been in our current house, a magic house. By now we thought for sure the remodeling projects would be done, they aren't. We envisioned our goals and dreams to have come to fruition, many of them haven't. Many friends joke with us about the kitchen being all torn up & how there still aren't countertops or cabinet doors on the cabinets. We've been busy, our priorities elsewhere. Know what?... of the 6 kids we have had in our home, not one has noticed any of that: it didn't matter. What mattered is that they felt safe....in a magic house. "

Evans Family


As a mom to three beautiful adopted children, I have loved being involved with the WOVEN Ministry!  One of my favorite experiences has been delivering meals to foster families when children are first placed.  What a blessing to do this together with my teenage daughter!

Courtney Partain

We are Matt and Leah Pierce. We’ve always felt pulled toward adoption and foster care, but we took out a while to get there. After years of fertility treatments that didn’t work, I remember feeling that God forgot about us, but then I heard a message about how God remembered his people when they were slaves in Egypt and delivered them. I couldn’t stop crying because at that moment I was able to trust that whatever was coming God remembered me and my deep desire to be a mother.  Shortly afterward we decided to pursue adoption. In the biggest, most apparent God moment of my life everything very quickly came together for our adoption of our oldest. A couple years later we begin foster parenting and have fostered several children including our youngest who we were eventually able to adopt. We are so grateful for how our family has been blessed.

Pierce Family

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Foster & Adoption

Family Support

Our parent support group meets the 1st and 3rd week of every month to allow an opportunity for parents to share what is on their hearts and what they are struggling with as they care for children who have complex histories and various needs. This is a place we can share our struggles without feeling out of place, and can share our joys and experiences to uplift and encourage one another. 

Leah Pierce

Support Group Leader

Parkinson Family

"We have recently adopted two children from Ukraine. This process has taught me things about myself and the Lord that nothing else could have. While there are challenges, there is also grace. God is faithful. These children are worthy and precious. Nothing that is of value and worth comes easily. They are worth it. We are thankful for the community that surrounds and encourages us. WOVEN has been such a blessing and valuable resource to our family. Friends who come along side to lift your hands, to tell you it's ok, to pray. Adoption is a visible expression of God's love and will. Do it friends, your child is waiting for you to say yes!” 

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Care Team

The Woven Care Team is a group of volunteers who use their God-given talents and gifts to support families within our church and community who God has called to foster or adopt vulnerable children. Volunteers are trained on the impact trauma has on children’s physical and relational development, as well as privacy and understanding some of the struggles that come with foster care and adoption systems. 

Jaoni Wood
Joan Vogelsang
John Gladhill
Eve Gleason
Courtney Partain
Sarah Hall
Dave Costanzo
Leah Pierce

A Family's Testimony

“The combination of trauma, and working through the foster care system meant that we had weeks with 10 or more appointments and meetings, just related to our two youngest kids. During some of those most difficult times, having friends that would take our older children to their home for play dates and to work on homework once or twice a week helped reduce some of the stress- not only for the kids, who enjoyed being with friends rather than an office waiting room, but also for me, when I felt like there wasn’t enough of me to go around. God made sure all of the kids needs for attention were met, using my friends, who couldn’t foster, but could support us as we did.”  

Ways to Serve

  • A Care Community is a team of trained volunteers who provide a structured system of support for a family in a time of struggle. Each team consists of various roles, from delivering a meal once a month to becoming a child or family mentor. A background check and 1-2 hrs of training is required. 


  • Care Portal is a nationally utilized online platform that unites government social services agencies with churches and non-profits who can meet the needs of the families in the community. The Care Portal Response Team at PBC receives notifications about practical and relational needs in our community that allow for foster, kinship biological families to remain intact and hopefully become connected to a local church. This partnership with Loudoun County will hopefully be available soon. 


  • The Meals Team is a first response team of volunteers who provide a meal or two, as able, to a foster family when they first receive a placement. The first 1-2 weeks of a placement are full of appointments and meetings to assess the needs of the child and family. Meals can be fresh, frozen or in the form of a gift card.  


  • Support is more than just meeting physical & emotional needs. We want to help you meet your spiritual needs as well. Tell us how we can pray for you below by click on the mail icon.

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Interested in Foster Care or Adoption?


Grants & Training

Woven offers adoption funding grants to assist families in our community who are adopting. Download the application and instructions here. 

In addition to providing brief trauma training at our Orientation Meetings, we hold training events several times throughout the year, using local and national resources such as Show Hope, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, ACES, and other topics. 

Wood Family


Over the course of 6 years we fostered 5 children, who ranged in age from 5 months to 18 yrs old. Two of the children became official parts of our family through adoption- all 5 of them have a special place in our hearts and photos on our walls. From the beginning, we wanted to be able to offer a safe, loving home, and we have done that. But more than that, God has revealed Himself to us and the children we’ve cared for in ways that we never could have imagined. When God takes you to the place of having no control, no agenda, and only Him to rely on, amazing things happen. 


  • The Connected Child

  • The Connected Parent

  • The Whole Brained Child

  • Adopted for Life

  • The Body Keeps the Score

  • The Who Loves Me Series (for children in foster care) 


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VA Kids in need of a Family


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